Best Landscaping Ideas for 2018

Spring is round the corner and it’s time for the landscaping games to begin!

Even the millennials are getting into the hobby of gardening and account for almost 80% of the 6 million people who’ve recently taken up the activity. Surveys conducted on the subject also show that in the past six years, the number of households that purchase landscape design, maintenance services, and installation has doubled. And you’re one of these landscape enthusiasts!

You want your garden to be spot on and with these best landscaping ideas it surely will be. Before you’re finished with your garden, it will be the envy of the whole neighborhood.

So let’s get started and help you get the remarkable landscape design that can make your garden stand out.

Overgrown Foliage

No one likes an overgrown garden unless of course you do it on purpose. With the right design and careful planning, even overgrown foliage will add character to your garden. You can pack on the plants and just let them grow. Cottage garden with overgrown purple hyssop provides just the right look. With white tulips in between, the color contrast stands out and creates perfect magic. The best thing is that these plants can thrive with minimal care so no more breaking your back while tending to the garden.

Another version of this landscaping idea is to grow some ornamental grasses. You’d love running your hand through some Mexican feather grass. Try it and you’d love the sensation. Since the plant is fine textured, it sweeps and flows with even the slightest breeze. It’s almost mesmerizing watching it sway. So if you are going for a countryside look, Mexican feather grass is a must have.

Statement Gates

You’d want to astonish people from the moment they walk in your garden. The best way to set the right impression is by getting some statement gates. With this curb appeal, you set the right tone what what’s to come next. You can choose from a wide range of rustic or modern gates to add personality to your garden.

Water Features

Add a calming effect to your garden with the right water features. Your landscaping design can benefit from a water feature as the soothing sound of running water can give your garden a Zen like peace. Including a rock waterfall can also increase the appeal of your garden. They work best for large scale garden but with the right design, they can be accommodated in gardens of all shapes and sizes.

So there you have it! The trendiest landscape ideas that can transform your garden. So dive right into it and get your garden the renovation it needs. And once everything is done, you’d love to host your next party surrounded by the fascinating landscape!