There are no second opinions about the versatility and value that concrete installation can add to any property. Even though concrete driveways, patios, & walkways have been around for decades, the fact remains that people are still interested in the different ways in which they can be used. With that said, the vast majority of people are still unaware of the preparatory steps that need to be taken and the ways to avoid problems and mistakes in the concrete installation process. Although installations may vary from concrete patios, concrete driveways, or slabs, it is important to always hire a professional concrete contractor for all of your different concrete needs. Everything Outdoors of Houston has been in the concrete business for over 25 years, and has the expertise to handle all of your concrete projects, whether it be residential concrete or commercial concrete installation.

Interested in learning about the dos and don’ts of concrete installation to properly install stamped concrete, stained concrete and decorative concrete in your house in Spring, The Woodlands, and surrounding areas of Texas? Read on to find out the basics of installing concrete.

What should I do before installing concrete?

Concrete installations are generally intended for long term use which is why it is imperative to make the right preparations beforehand. Before installing anything made of concrete from concrete driveways and concrete walkways to concrete foundations and slabs at your house in Magnolia, Texas or the surrounding areas, you must create a solid, yet compactable base that’s about 4 to 6 inches in size. Even though the exact size of the base depends on the soil conditions and climate in addition to other factors, using a base of this size suffices in most cases.

Additionally, with each layer of base that you add, it is important for you to make rounds with a plate compactor to ensure that there aren’t any bumps and that the surface is even throughout. If there are problems with the base of your concrete, it goes without saying that the finishing and final look of your concrete will be affected. Moreover, not making the right preparations for your concrete installation also has the potential of taking away from its life considerably which means that you’ll have to go through the trouble all over again in a few months or years for concrete installations in Tomball, Texas and the surrounding areas of North Houston.

Another thing that must be taken into account is the fact that since a dry base may not compact well, adding a little water to dampen it can help you compress the base of the concrete for improved results. Since adding too much water can also cause problems, it is recommended to take a small amount of the base in your palm and try to make a ball out of it to see if it is crumbling or feels excessively muddy.

Common Mistakes to avoid when installing concrete

One of the most common mistakes that people make when installing concrete is not knowing how much concrete they really need for their particular project. The thickness that will suffice for any project depends on a number of different factors including the weight that you wish to support with the weight. The standard thickness of concrete for a driveway for instance, is 4 inches.
Additionally, the dimensions of each project from concrete driveways and concrete walkways to decorative concrete slabs will be different which is why you need to figure out your requirements beforehand. Contacting professional concrete contractors in your area is, therefore, recommended to ensure that you don’t make the wrong choices. This is why Everything Outdoors of Houston and it’s knowledgeable staff are the right one’s to call for all of your concrete needs.
Another common mistake made by the majority of people is that they try to be too particular with their concrete requirements. While this is a good way to ensure that you don’t overspend, it is important to note that concrete dries up very fast which is why your estimates may not be accurate. Instead of being short on product, it is recommended that you round your order to ensure that the excess (if any) can easily be taken away by the driver or used for any other purposes.
It is also imperative to note that the characteristics and inherent features of each type of concrete vary considerably. Depending on the constituent elements of the concrete mixture, the results that you get and the ways in which the concrete can be used, too, can differ, which is why doing your research before starting off with a concrete installation project is extremely necessary.
Needless to say, having the right tools on hand is also extremely necessary. With that said, however, most people fail to take this into consideration and try to make do with whatever they have available at any particular moment. This obviously shows through the results which are highly unprofessional. Call the professional concrete contractors at Everything Outdoors of Houston for all of your concrete installation needs today!

Since there is a lot that is involved in installing concrete, your best bet is to hire professional concrete contractors in North Houston, Texas for all installations. By hiring professionals, you can not only make sure that you will have the best results, but you will also be able to save immense amounts of time and money.
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