Sitting in front of a fireplace with a hot drink in your hands and the calm ambiance it creates is the perfect recipe for a great day. The modern architecture has given way to the ingenious idea of an outdoor fireplace, and we just can’t have enough of this great idea.

Outdoor fireplaces add an ambiance outdoors that is just second to none.  They have become so popular that a recent study (2017) showed that homeowners are getting ROI’s of up to 280% on these gorgeous outdoor hardscape features.  Everything Outdoors of Houston has installed hundreds of outdoor fireplaces from Houston, Texas to Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Our expert design team can design any size or shape along with any feature such as old barn mantles, TV’s, and much more into your custom fireplace.

So if you are looking for a renovation project for this season, you are on the right track. With the help of outdoor fireplace contractors in The Woodlands, Texas, you can accentuate the architectural features of your house.

There are mainly three materials that can be used for this project. So before you go for an outdoor fireplace installation in Spring, Texas, you’d need to opt for one of these. If you want a more earthy and traditional look, you can go for a stone fireplace. For a more modern look, plaster outdoor fireplaces are a good addition to your house. And for a mix of both modern and traditional look, brick fireplaces are the ones you should go for.

They bring an elegant element to your house and increase the aesthetic value of your backyard. And when you opt for professional outdoor fireplace contractors in Conroe, Texas, you can maximize the enjoyment of nature from your own backyard.

Fireplace builders are careful with their work; hence, they make sure the whole thing is safe for your house. The surrounding walls and the accompanying chimney makes sure that only heat radiates from the fireplace and the smoke doesn’t bother you at all. And if you think that the traditional fireplace is constricting and doesn’t allow many people to enjoy the warmth, you can always go for a double sided fireplace.

So now that you have decided that you do want an outdoor fireplace in your house, there are so many designs that you can choose from. Here we will help you decide the best option for your house.

If you are looking for something basic, then a traditional outdoor fireplace is the right option for you. Made with either stone or brick, the firebox opening is arched with a traditional mantel. For extra convenience, an extended hearth is also included in the design. This helps to get the smoke away without putting a damper on your enjoyment. If you have a colonial style house or a ranch, this style of outdoor fireplace will fit right in.

Some people are going for the modern twist to outdoor fireplaces and have lots of options to go for. When you hire a professional outdoor fireplace contractor in The Woodlands, Texas, they would have the expertise to advise you on the right fit for your house. The clean lines and industrial materials used set these outdoor fireplaces apart from their other counterparts. Many of these modern designs are rectangular and don’t always slope in for the chimney. The overall design has a really posh look, and if grey concrete is used, then it gives the design an edge that other fireplaces don’t always have.

If you are looking for something over the top, then maybe you should consider a South Western outdoor fireplace. They have great potential for decoration and you can always use ceramic tiles to accentuate this architectural feature. They are usually made to look like a dome, and the professional outdoor fireplace contractors in Conroe, Texas, can help you come up with just the style that goes with the theme of your house. This authentic Southwestern style has a smooth, rounded shape that resembles a Mexican bread oven. This is surely something that needs some thought beforehand.

Now that you know about all the available options, you can opt for the one that best suits your taste. Just make sure you avail the services of professional outdoor fireplace contractors in The Woodlands, Texas. For professional fireplace installation, contact Everything Outdoors of Houston at 281-939-1915 and get guaranteed customer satisfaction.