Gardening Trends for 2018: An Outdoor Living Guide

The garden is slowly becoming the most important part of the home, especially since environmentally-conscious folks have been ‘going green’ everywhere! This has given a rise to gardening trends which are becoming more innovative and unique by the week!

To that end, following are the top gardening trends for 2018, as part of the outdoor living guide for the season!


A full-sized garden can be very beneficial both to the look of the house and the environment in general. However, you can only fit so many features inside a garden, if the features themselves are full-sized. Big plants and shrubs are out now, and are being replaced by mini plants and smaller water features, complete with versatile decks and an all-inclusive setting.
Smaller gardens, albeit when carefully and creatively planned, can actually pack a lot more features in them, so as to present the look of a much more modern, yet beautifully natural scene.

Multi-purpose Features

It used to be that the fire pit was just the fire pit and a raised concrete planter was just that. Not anymore, as modern gardens contain features with multiple uses, such as decks with a built-in water fountain, and a planter with a fire pit at the end.

Yes, now you can enjoy the warmth of the fire while sitting close enough to the roses to take in their beautiful scent! Oh, and if you have planted cherry tomatoes in the planter, then the fire is right there, roast ‘em up!

Alfresco Dining Spaces

Over time, we have seen the dining area get more in tune with nature, and while for the vast majority, this means having a few pots and plants near the dining table, the latest trend for 2018 takes it to another level. Alfresco dining is the new best thing, and rightfully so!

If you live in an area which has plenty of beautiful sunlight then you’re all set for the ultimate alfresco dining experience, each day. Get the feeling of an Italian bistro with a dining space in the middle of the garden.

Themed Garden Features

Who wouldn’t love to have a garden feature that looks like an Elven forest entrance from Lord of the Rings or a medieval garden gate! This is exactly what homeowners are doing, and very beautifully so! Themed garden features are the premier gardening trends now, and they are not limited to gateways and stone structures either.

You could have crafted hedges and shrubbery or an elaborate koi pond reminiscent of the gardens of old-timey Asian nobility. The sky is the limit in terms of features!

It is important to always consider the negative effects of the environment that artificial constructions works have. For this reason, always make sure to properly dispose off any debris and/or foreign materials, to prevent them from impacting the quality of the flora.

Image by welcomiayayimages.com