The safety of our environment is of utmost priority for us at Everything Outdoors of Houston, and that’s why we’re ready to go to great lengths to ensure that carbon emissions are minimized.

But that doesn’t mean that we’ll settle for unprofessional or amateurish landscaping.

Like responsible citizens, our professionals at Everything Outdoors make it a point to leave no stone unturned to ensure that the absolute minimum amount of harmful and hazardous chemicals seep into the ground and are released into the environment due to our landscaping solutions. Since we understand how important fertilizers and pesticides are for safe and green lawns, gardens and yards, we also make use of organic options to ensure that you can make the most of the exterior of your house and landscape design without worrying about the environmental impact.

At Everything Outdoors of Houston, our professionals also understand the need for gardening products that are safe and nonhazardous. That is exactly why we also offer our valuable clients and customers biodegradable and environmentally-friendly alternatives and solutions that can help reduce their carbon emissions, helping them contribute to a safer environment.

Minimize your Carbon Footprint

Issues and problems related to the environment and climate are a point of concern for more than just a few people in Houston, The Woodlands, Spring, Conroe, Tomball, and the surrounding areas, and we at Everything Outdoors recognize that. Since we understand that your landscape design can create a major impact on your carbon emissions, our professionals at Everything Outdoors are always ready to work hand in hand with our clients and customers to ensure that they can minimize their carbon emissions as much as possible.

We also understand that having green plants and shrubs can help reduce your carbon emissions in an extremely positive manner which is why we work together with our clients to help incorporate greenery and the maximum number of plants in their lawns, yards, and gardens with unique and environmentally friendly approaches and strategies like rain collection systems and drip irrigation to ensure that the exterior and landscape design of your house does not contribute to your carbon emissions.

Permeable Hardscapes

Since water conservation is an important part of playing your part for the safety of the environment, our professionals at Everything Outdoors can also help with skillful installations of permeable hardscapes that will not only filter water slowly into the ground, but also add value to the overall look of your landscape.