Professional Land Clearing and Grading

We, at Everything Outdoors of Houston, have an expert team of professional land clearing and grading personnel among our staff, to cover and treat any sort of excavation.

Following are some important tips to always consider:


Land Grading can be performed only on sites which feature steep or uneven topography, and/or easily erodible soil, since it can stabilize slopes and lower the runoff velocity. Grading services should always maintain the existing patterns of drainage.

Design and Siting Considerations

Before the grading can start, the site has to be inspected by a construction site operator. Said operator will determine how steep the cut-and-fill slopes must be, as well as how they are stabilized, protected from runoff and maintained. Additionally, the start and stop of the earthwork, the length and degree of the completed slopes, and the disposing off of the excess material, will all need to be discussed.

Land grading needs to be one of the primary concerns for Construction sequencing. Try not to have too much exposed soil during the construction process.

In case any explosive agents are used, make sure that the perchlorates (water-soluble substances) are removed through proper housekeeping and debris removal.


Substandard grading procedures which disturb the natural patterns for storm water might result in the high velocity of runoff, poor drainage, and enhanced flows during stormy seasons. Always design sediment and erosion control into the grading plan, to prevent storm waters from damaging it further.


Periodically perform checks on all the graded portions, especially post-rainfall. Remove any sediment as well as stormway conveyances. Repair any breakouts and washouts. It is necessary to prevent the smaller eroded portions from becoming more significant gullies.

Effective Method

Essentially, land grading is very effective at reducing the steepness of slopes and stabilizing loose, erodible soil, if treated with stormwater management, as well as sediment and erosion control practices promptly.

We, at Everything Outdoors of Houston feature expert grading and clearing services, as well as construction of retaining walls and drainage systems. Get in touch with us for a free quote.