4 Types of Patio Material and their Advantages

When building a patio, or having one built, it is important to have the right patio material. The material in question has to not only go with the material that the house is constructed with, but has to be built so that it integrates seamlessly into the house as well as the space.

There are many different types of patio material that one can work with, when building a patio, Following are some of those types, along with the unique advantages of each.

Clay Brick/Stone

A clay brick patio goes back to a simpler time, when majority of the construction was built to last, and aesthetics were just beginning to be considered necessary. Clay brick patios are not only very durable in terms of weather-based wear and tear, but they also have that wonderful rustic color.


A concrete patio is the simplest, and oftentimes, the most inexpensive patio material. It is also quite smooth, and is ground finely, which makes for a much smoother floor; ideal for the more delicate tables and chairs.


Flagstone is a naturally colored and hued material which is ideal for a more artistic and alternatively stylish vibe. Make sure to always go for the darker colors, since those will not lose their aesthetic appeal, even after years and years of dirt, grime and weathering.


Gravel is an unusual patio material, mostly because it is extremely uneven in terms of surface uniformity, and can be quite difficult to manage when installed in a high traffic area, such as the garden patio. However, it reminds one of the English cottages of old; thereby making for a great material if you are going for that aesthetic.

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