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At Everything Outdoors, we like to believe that you probably want your house in Houston to always be trendy and up to date with the latest styles. If that is indeed the case, then we’ve got the perfect timeless solution for you: concrete pavers!

Interested in learning more about what concrete pavers are and how they can be installed by our professionals to help add value to your landscape design in North Houston? Read on to find out everything you need to know about concrete pavers, how they are made, and how our experts at Everything Outdoors in Houston can help install concrete pavers professionally.

What are Concrete Pavers?

As a resident of Houston, we’re positive that you’ve seen concrete pavers more than just a few times but didn’t know what they’re called. Concrete pavers are those designed and patterned floors that you usually see leading to a specific area within the exterior of a house or building like a yard or a garden. Concrete pavers are also preferred options when it comes to driveways owing to the sophisticated and elegant final look that they have.

One of the things that make concrete pavers unique is that they are commercially manufactured with specialized machinery. Since concrete pavers are manufactured with the help of complex and custom machinery, they are generally far more stable and strong than the other options available in the market which contributes to their popularity not only among people who are looking for residential solutions, but also commercial solutions.

Why are Concrete Pavers so Popular?

Manufactured commercially, concrete pavers are not only flexible and resistant, but they also have a hard wearing surface making them ideal for a variety of situations. Concrete pavers are manufactured as a single mix and comprise of joints that allow the pavement to move when pressure is applied to ensure that it doesn’t break or crack. One of the greatest parts about concrete pavers is that they do not require regular maintenance, sealing or replacement like other options available in the market. The “interlocked” feature of concrete pavers makes it easy for them to sustain very high amounts of pressure and weight which is another reason why they are often used in driveways and pathways.

Interested in learning more? Below, we’re putting all of your worries and concerns to rest with answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding concrete pavers and what makes them so popular.

Why are concrete pavers called interlocking pavers?

Contrary to popular belief, it is not the shape of concrete pavers that gives them the name interlocking pavers. Instead, the system of installation of concrete pavers and the thickness of the pavers against their length and width is what gives them this name. When pavers are properly manufactured based on the requirements of the installation, they make use of a restraint and joint mechanism that allows the different pieces of the paver to work in perfect harmony like a unified piece.

How are concrete pavers different from stamped concrete?

Patterned and stained concrete pavements are regular slabs of concrete that have been stained or stamped with a particular pattern, color or design. Needless to say, stamped and patterned concrete has the same problems as regular poured-in-place concrete slabs. Interlocked pavers or concrete pavers, however, are something that is entirely different. As mentioned above, interlocked or concrete pavers are specifically made according to the requirement which makes them ideal in quite a number of situations including freeze/thaw cycles.

It is also far more difficult to make amendments and repairs in stamped or poured in concrete than it is with concrete pavers. With minimal maintenance, concrete pavers are known to remain in perfect condition for years which is why they are such an important option among the residents of Houston. Using the price per square foot installed as a metric, concrete pavers offer far more utility and practicality than the other options available.

How long do concrete paver installations usually last?

Concrete or interlocked pavers age much better than other materials and products which is why they tend to outlive and outperform stamped or patterned concrete and asphalt flooring by several years.

How long does it take for concrete pavers to be installed?

Since concrete paver installations do not require mortar, a lot of the work and mess involved in regular installations is eliminated when you opt for interlocked pavers. Mid-sized projects can even be completed within a day or less.

Will I have to deal with shrubs or weeds growing under my concrete pavers?

At Everything Outdoors, we understand how much of a hassle weeds and shrubs can be. That’s exactly why we install our concrete pavers in a way that ensures that no weeds will be able to grow from underneath. What’s more is that we also use weed control products which guarantee that you won’t have to deal with the trouble of removing weeds and other unwanted shrubs from your pavers.

Will the color of my paver fade?

Whether we’re installing concrete pavers or making any other type of enhancement or addition to your landscape, our professionals at Everything Outdoors in Houston make it a point to use only the best products and high quality materials. With that said, the possibility of colors fading due to over exposure to sunlight or harsh weather conditions cannot be eliminated entirely. We will, however, try to reduce the possibility of faded colors and other similar problems to the best of our ability.

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