Pergolas have been all the rage in recent times and for good reason. Pergolas can not only make for a unique addition to the landscape of your house in Tomball, Texas or the surrounding areas of North Houston, but they can also add immense value to your property. What’s more, with all of the design and layout options available, it goes without saying that adding a pergola to your landscape is a great way of letting your personality shine through the exterior of your house.

While there are a lot of different ways in which you can go about designing your pergola, it is important to note that much like every other feature and addition that can be made to one’s landscape, there are a number of trends that are popular with pergola designs as well.

Interested in finding out how you can build a pergola that’s both stylish and trendy? Read on to find out some of the most interesting pergola installation trends that you should follow for your pergolas in The Woodlands, Texas and the surrounding areas.

Everything Outdoors of Houston have installed hundreds of pergolas over the past 20+ years. They provide a great space to create filtered sun instead of the normal beat down sun the Houston area has to offer up in the summer months. Pergolas create an ambiance and a more intimate setting for you to enjoy your outdoor space as well.

Owing to the unique aesthetic appeal they offer, dark colored pergolas have been extremely popular recently. Dark brown, chocolate, and even black colored pergolas are trending these days especially because of the unique look they offer with the green grass that they are generally built on.

Additionally, increasing numbers of people in Magnolia, Texas are also pairing dark shades with lighter ones that complement them perfectly, leaving one with a pergola that’s nothing short of a work of art. Contrary to popular belief, pergolas will continue to serve their purpose and filter light and sunshine regardless of the color that you choose. What this means is that whether you’re interested in the typical single-colored pergola from the 90s, or are ready to experiment with your pergolas and their colors, you won’t have to worry about worsening your tan.

Pergola builders throughout The Woodlands, Texas will all agree to the fact that motorized louvered covers are here to stay. Louver covers do not only help create a unique and original look for your pergola, but they also add to the aesthetic appeal of the structure immensely. Additionally, with motorized covers, it is possible for your friends and family to control the angle at which light enters the structure. This does not only allow you to keep safe from the sunlight during the long summer days, but you’ll also be sure to get the perfect pictures in your pergola!

Motorized pergola covers can also come in handy during rainfall, allowing you and your loved ones to enjoy the weather without being forced indoors for cover.

While the first thing that comes to the minds of people when they hear about pergolas is a sturdy structure made from concrete or other materials of the likes, it is important to note that there are other materials that can be used to construct the perfect pergola for your house in Cypress, Texas. Recently, aluminum and wood pergolas have started becoming popular primarily due to the unique look they offer in comparison to the traditional, single colored, concrete pergolas that are found in most front yards.

The best part about pergolas that are made out of aluminum and wood (especially cedar) is the fact that they do not require much maintenance, and can offer the same amount of utility and beauty as their counterparts. What’s more, since aluminum pergolas look so unique in and of themselves, you won’t even have to worry about painting or staining the pergola to add to the aesthetic appeal of the structure.

Since the weather in the Houston area can change considerably, adding temperature control functions to your pergolas is a great option to ensure that you and your loved ones can always have a good time when you’re outdoors. Since outdoor living is becoming increasingly common, pergolas can now be installed with infrared heaters or ceiling fans to ensure that the conditions are just perfect for anyone in your pergola.

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