If you’ve ever felt like your garden deserves more importance and should stand out, you’ve come to the right place. Our professionals at Everything Outdoors of Houston know exactly how important it is for your lawn or garden to stand out from the rest, and with our retaining wall options at Everything Outdoors, we can help you with just that!

Incorporating retaining walls in your landscape design will not only ensure that your lawn and yard is highlighted, but retaining walls will also add to the overall look and appeal of the exterior of your house. What’s more is that our professionals at Everything Outdoors can skillfully install four different types of retaining walls. This means that you won’t have to give up on your personal preferences and requirements.

Before selecting your option, you must decide a few things, including the type of base that is required for your retaining wall, the type of backfill that will be utilized, and whether or not there will be water hitting or around your retaining wall. Answering these questions will not only help you understand your requirements better, but will also help you make your decision regarding which of the following retaining wall types and systems will be best for you.

Uni-lock Segmented Unit Lock Together Wall Systems

While this type of retaining wall is very common, there are certain limitations and features that must be kept in mind before choosing this option. These types of retaining walls have height restrictions that can limit your options especially in case you have plans of installing a high wall. Additionally, the installation of these types of walls can be difficult and challenging because it is possible for them to require special assembly and engineering.

Segmented wall systems can also pose difficulties in certain scenarios and situations and can require an adhesive lock for increased support. One thing, however, that makes this option preferable is that these types of retaining walls are often installed with geo-grid which greatly impacts the stability of the wall in a positive way.

Natural Stone

Natural stone retaining walls are generally more appealing and offer a very attractive finished look. This option, too, is preferred by quite a number of people owing to the various design options and the reasonable price tag. Stones for natural stone retaining walls are handpicked and dry stacked for the best results.

With natural stone retaining walls, you have the option of choosing between field stone boulders and thin stack stones that are generally preferred for building retaining walls on slopes that aren’t too steep.

Timber Structure

Timber structure retaining walls use natural wood that offers a very welcoming and appealing look. This type of retaining wall, however, may not be the best solution if your retaining wall will be in contact with a lot of water or moisture as the look of timber structure retaining walls can easily be damaged in case of excessive contact with water. These types of retaining walls are, therefore, preferred to separate small flower gardens and other areas with non-edible plants and shrubs.

Masonry Retaining Wall Block System

Masonry retaining wall block systems offer a very unique elegance, and are preferred by people who are interested in a very particular type of landscape design. Masonry retaining walls generally use stone and brick, however, it would not be incorrect to say that the final look that they offer cannot be matched by other options if you’re interested in creating a sophisticated exterior.