Spend Fall in Outdoor Comfort: Outdoor Décor for the Season

Fall is almost here in full swing, which means that it is the perfect time to sit outdoors with a hot brew, a comfortable seating arrangement for all your friends and family, and of course the crisp seasonal air! Outdoor barbecues, evening spent socializing with friends while a crackling fire provides heat and a rustic feel; all of these are a recipe for a season well spent, and all of it is rounded off beautifully by outdoor décor that is just right for the season.

3 Outdoor Décor Ideas for Fall 2018

Stone tables, central fireplaces, café chairs, the choices are endless when it comes to fall décor. To that end, following are some of the most beautiful and practical fall décor choices for the season.

French Breakfast Patio

A French patio consists of French café chairs, a circular stone table and a stone floor. For the floor, there is a choice of pebblecrete or bigger, rougher stone. The latter adds to the rustic setting and makes for a delightfully wholesome ambience. The café chairs should be a dark wood, to reflect the season, and with rubber padding on the tips of the legs. The table could be any size, but it is ideal to have one big enough for 4 people, at least.

Covered Patio with Benches

A covered patio is quite common; however, once you add wooden benches and a sturdy wooden table to the mix, you have a fall spectacle! Good for dinners outdoors, as well as nightly hangouts, this outdoor décor setting is perfect for the season.

Matching Under the Tree

While falling leaves may sometimes be inconvenient, especially if one falls right in the soup; sitting under a tree in fall has its perks. You can not only sit amidst nature, but if you have matching tables and chairs as part of the outdoor décor, it makes a hot coffee session all the better.

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